About SafeLir

SafeLir is a bibliographic information database which provides abstracts of reports from researchers who work in the more than thirty distinct professional disciplines relevant to preventing and researching injuries. It designed and developed by RTIR's staffs. (RTIR: road traffic injury research center) Different items including scientific papers of journals and congresses, books and thesis were covered. Overall, SafeLir thematically covers following fields: amputation, burn, drowning, fall, suicide, forensic medicine, fracture, occupational, pedestrian, poisoning, self-harm, PTSD, disaster, injury, violence, wound, traffic, trauma, Safety, Self-injury, bite-sting and other unclassified subjects. SafeLir receives support from the Tabriz international safe community support center, road traffic injury research center, and Tabriz University of medical sciences. SafeLir also receives volunteer assistance from members of any associations who wish to remain anonymous. 

SafeLir goals

Researchers, professors, and active students will have access to the injury and safety records in the format of the dissertation, articles, books, and abstracts of congressional articles. Providing the injury documents to policymakers to use in policymaking decisions, planning, and development of educational-cultural programs. The access of users and researchers to scientific studies and research on injury and safety that is not indexed in other databases (such as PubMed).

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About the SafeLir's project:

SafeLir's project designed and developed by road traffic injury research center and Tabriz University of medical sciences. In this project, more than 60,000 records were retrieved and classified by trained experts over the 6 months. A part of the project was conducted as a Master's dissertation in Epidemiology. The process of document retrieval and content provision are mentioned below.

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